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A new reading of European history is based on our experience of the previous EU funded project 1957 – 1986 Art From the Decline of Modernism to the Rise of Globalisation. In that project, L’Internationale analysed the relationship between art and society on both sides of the East-West divide. With Uses of Art, we will forge a transnational, art historical narrative through common research leading to major publicly accessible projects.

The projects can be divided into:

1.     Projects that reflect on the formation of civil society in the mid 19th century from today’s perspective and explore the role of art in democratic emergence.

2.     Projects that revisit the 1980s and focus on the relation between artistic experiment and the beginnings of a trans-European civil society.

3.     Projects that think through the future possibility of European society based on common cultural references and transnational identities and that deal with specific social issues.


Two major research pojects are planned:


Vocabulary of Common Knowledge

The Vocabulary will encourage reflection on approaches to creating common knowledge more appropriate to today than prevalent epistemological and institutional models. Vocabulary is divided into two main parts: Horizontal Connections, and Verticality in the Service of Common Knowledge. The first part focuses on new global conditions and the need to find more equality across Europe in knowledge creation. The second deals with the need to attune institutions to the current socio- economic situation.


Oral Histories 1980s 

Oral Histories is a historiographical project collecting oral testimonies of the principal agents in art/culture and society in the 1980s. The past will be subjectively reconstructed from the vantage point of artists and others active at the time.