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Members of L'internationale: Moderna galerija (MG+MSUM), Museu Nacional Centro de Arte Sofia Reina (MNCARS), Museum for Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (M HKA), Garanti Kültür A.S. (SALT ), Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (VAM)

The Moderna galerija (MG+MSUM) is the Slovene national museum of modern and contemporary art. As a museum of modern art it explores and presents the 20th century Slovene art tradition, while as a museum of contemporary art and exhibition venue it presents new art practices and their context. Moderna galerija is also a documentary, research and education centre, a place for discussion and reflection. In November 2011 it reorganised its activities into Moderna galerija, (Museum of Modern Art) in the original building, and the Museum of contemporary Art Metelkova. Moderna galerija (MG+) houses the national collection of 20th-century art and displays a selection of works from its national collection, from the beginning of the 20th-century to 1991.The Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkovka (+MSUM) houses the international collection 'Arteast 2000+' and displays a selection of works from the international and national collection of the Moderna galerija. Both venues also present temporary exhibitions and public programmes.


The Museu Nacional Centro de Arte Sofia Reina (MNCARS) is a public law entity assigned to the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, the basic aim of which is promoting public knowledge of and access to modern and contemporary art in its various displays, as well as encouraging social communication of plastic and visual arts. In order to achieve this aim, the MNCARS carries out the organised display of its collections under adequate conditions for their contemplation and study as its main activity, guaranteeing protection, preservation, and restoration of its cultural assets through programs for temporary exhibition of modern and contemporary art; communication, training, education, and counseling activities regarding exhibited contents; the creation of collaborative relationships with other local or foreign museums and cultural institutions in order to promote an exchange of experiences and skills, and organising with them temporary expositions and other cultural projects.


The mission of the Museum for Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is to explore, present and research contemporary art production in the horizon of today socio-economic conditions. As a public entity, MACBA assumes responsibility for disseminating contemporary art, offering a diverse range of visions, and generating critical debates on art and culture, while aspiring to reach increasingly diverse audiences. MACBA is an open institution where citizens can find a space of public representation, that prioritizes education and innovation in its field. All of the above, in addition to its commitment to heritage preservation and networking with other institutions, place MACBA at the forefront of the art system in Catalonia and confirm Barcelona’s position as a world art capital and an international benchmark. MACBA is managed by a consortium created in 1988. Its current members are the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the MACBA Foundation.


The Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (M HKA) is one of the eight large cultural institutions of the Flemish Community. It combines the functions of an international contemporary art museum with those of a film museum, except for the archival role of the last. It owns a collection of pre cinema and cinema hardware beside its art collection. The art collection starts with the mid 1960s happenings as realised in Antwerp by Panamarenko, who donated the museum his house and the assets in it. M HKA wants its collection to respond to the present reality of a globalised multipolar world. It feels its core role to be the proposal into public domain of a hypothesis on contemporary art and its possible relations to urgencies in society. In order to do so it reorganised itself and thinks the collection as ABCD (archives, library/bibliotheek, collection and documentation) but feels that any of its activities remakes this body of the collection as a proposal of art within society.


Garanti Kültür A.S. (SALT) was established as an autonomous not-for-profit institution that produces programs in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, and design, as well as historical, economic, and social research. At the heart of SALT’s mission lies SALT Research which hosts one of the most invaluable library and archival resources in the city for study related to the fields of cultural and social histories.

SALT’s goal is to provide a place for learning and debate in order to encourage its visitors to cultivate their interests, to question, criticize, participate, share, and communicate.  At SALT, “research” does not only mean providing resources, but also creating access for others to directly engage and become involved in SALT’s programs.


The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (VAM) is one of Europe’s leading museums for contemporary art. The museum’s extensive international collection of around 2700 works of art includes key works by Lissitzky, Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall, Beuys and McCarthy. The museum has an experimental approach towards the issues of art and society. Openness, hospitality and knowledge exchange are important to the Van Abbemuseum. We stimulate ourselves and visitors to think about a range of subjects, like the role of the collection as a cultural 'memory' or the museum as a public place. International cooperation and exchange have made the Van Abbemuseum a place for creative cross-fertilisation, a source of surprise, inspiration and imagination.


Partners of L‘Internationale

Partners who have expertise and facilities necessary to realise the ambitions of UoA are Grizedale Arts (Cumbria, UK); Liverpool John Moores University (Liverpool, UK); University College Ghent School of Arts (KASK & Royal Conservatory, Ghent, Belgium) and Universität Hildesheim (Hildesheim, Germany).