KwieKulik Archive exhibition PDF Print

21.1. - 29.4.2012, Van Abbemuseum

KwieKulik archive presentation is a part of the exhibition Spirits of Internationalism.

Zofia Kulik (1947, Poland, lives in Warsaw) and Przemyslaw Kwiek (1945, Poland, lives in Warsaw) work together from 1971 to 1987. Their politically-engaged collaboration as KwieKulik is now considered an important chapter in post-war Polish art history. It encompasses various public activities: performances, outdoor actions, slide shows for children, students or other specially targeted audiences. KwieKulik experiment with film and photography, of which the series Activities with Dobromierz (1972-1974) is the prime example. Their little son is the central figure in these often suprising pictures takein in an outside their home and reflecting the realities of family life in Socialist Poland.

Within the exhibition Spirits of Internationalism the archive presentation was conceptualized under the "sub-spirit" of "The (Dis) located.

Place and location, closeness and distance, belonging and alienation - these are realities that individuals are still often unable to overcome, but during the Cold War period artists experienced them more directly and physically than in today's 'globalised', inter-connected, networked world. Distances, and the awareness of their locatedness and let their direct surrounding become a central element in their work, which they then used often to address more general and universal issues