Julius Koller Archive Exhibition PDF Print

21.1. - 29.4.2012, Van Abbemuseum

Julius Koller Archive presentation is a part of the exhibition Spirits of Internationalism.

The work of Julius Koller (1939-2007, Slovakia) is focused on social urban space and how individuals position themselves in it and act together. U.F.O.-naut J.K. is a long series of photographic documentations showing Koller in adn around his house with various domestic equipment or sports gear. U.F.O. may be deciphered differently for different projects: as Universal Futorological Orientation, for instance, or Universal-Cultural Fantastic Ornament. In the manifestato Anti-Happening (System of Subjective Objectivity) Koller describes his aesthetic interventions in everyday life as a cultural reshaping of the subject. His works can be interpreted as anti-moments to movement and the freedom of speech.

Within the exhibition Spirits of Internationalism the archive presentation was conceptualized under the "sub-spirit" of "The (Dis) located.

Place and location, closeness and distance, belonging and alienation - these are realities that individuals are still often unable to overcome, but during the Cold War period artists experienced them more directly and physically than in today's 'globalised', inter-connected, networked world. Distances, and the awareness of their locatedness and let their direct surrounding become a central element in their work, which they then used often to address more general and universal issues.